Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sideline Reporter

I had been on top of the world. Former Pro Bowl football player and current NFL analyst. That all changed however when I said derogatory things about several players and teams. I had been fired by my network and no one would hire me because of the things that I had said. I loved my job so much that I was not willing to give up. One of my former teammates went on to develop a body swap formula. I thought it was a silly thing and a waste of time by him, but now, I needed him. I asked him to put me in the body of the most popular reporter. I expected a former player. Instead, I was put in the body of Erin Andrews. Here I am a month after the switch, I feel like I'm adjusting great. This is a new outfit and I can't wait to show it off on air!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Losing the Championship game

It was so unfair. The LSU players had never heard of such a thing. Since they were shut out by Alabama in the BCS National Championship game, the team was forced to become cheerleaders the next season. Apparently, before the first BCS Championship game, rule makers stated that if a team was to be shut out, they would have to become the school's cheerleaders next season. The LSU players were young when the rule was made. Since no team had ever been shut out, they had never heard about it being a rule. This changed however as the new LSU cheerleaders took to the field for the opening game of 2012.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Cheerleader Part Two

A few years had gone by since Kendra joined the cheerleading team. She told Jessica who she really was. At first Jessica was mad, but that all went away when they spent some time together. They really fell in love again. Both girls were accepted to schools in LA. Kendra to USC and Jessica to UCLA. Both of them wanted to continue their cheerleading too. Here they are together as the football teams played each other. Kendra loved going to USC. The sun, the beautiful boys and girls, and of course, the tight sweater and short skirt that the cheer team got to wear!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

World Cup Transformation

I was a frustrated soccer player who played a few games on  the weekends. It was a dead end road for someone looking to make it big on the pitch. A secret I held inside of me was that I was also a closet cross dresser. One day in the park, I took a shot. As it was in the air, I transformed. The shot went in, but everything was different. There were thousands of people in the crowd. Several girls came up to congratulate me. I don't get it. I don't play soccer with girls. Then it dawned on me. I was the beautiful Alex Morgan, playing in the World Cup! I hope this lasts a while.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Cheerleader Part One

All Kevin wanted to do was find a way to get closer to his girlfriend Jessica. She was on the cheerleading team and spent hours after school practicing. He never saw her. Then a crazy thought came over him. With a background in gymnastics, he decided to try out for the cheer squad. He made it, and became Kendra (bottom left). Jessica, the other blonde in the bottom row, having not seen Kevin in awhile, was starting to develop a bit of a crush on the new girl Kendra.

Volleyball shorts

John was devastated after being cut from his college volleyball team. His mother suggested a radical idea to keep his career going. Since he was tall, lean, and had a feminine look, he should try out for the girls team. He made it, but unfortunately, this was the year the team voted to no longer wear loose fitting shorts and start wearing spandex shorts. John figured it was alright if he got to keep playing. The men's coach came to the first game and had his eye on the cute new outside hitter with plenty of kills and a cute ass....